About me

Dennis Wansink

Since childhood Dennis Wansink (1961) has been intrigued by the beauty of nature. Not only by the sight of it, but also by the processes behind it. It triggered his wish to show these marvels to others and to preserve it. To fulfill the first wish Dennis started to make photographs of nature, give lectures and write articles. To fulfill the second wish Dennis studied biology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He specialised in animal ecology and ethology. During his career he did scientific research on otters (Lutra lutra), badgers (Meles meles) and Great tits (Parus major). Later he set up the executive office of the Dutch Mammal Society (Zoogdiervereniging) and became the society’s first executive director. After fifteen years working for this organisation Dennis decided to start something new. He started his own company (Green Space Services), established a foundation (The Habitat Foundation) and works part time for the nature consultancy Bureau Waardenburg.

Trying to catch the beauty of nature Dennis made pictures of it from the first moment he got a camera. To improve his skills he followed an education at the Fotovakschool Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. There he found out that making pictures of people can be fun too. It brought him to places he had never been before and worked for a period for the magazines Addictum (about drug addiction) and Natuur & Milieu Utrecht.

Dennis shoots pictures in colour and in black and white, but prefers the latter for its artistic character.